By giving players tools, we help them in their development. They decide what to do with it. A player is never a product of the coach, but of it's own diligence and determination, no matter at which level. It starts with love for the game and the joy they take out of it.


No matter if you work with young kids in a soccer school like Footbikat a pro club like VVV-Venlo or educate and support coaches in their development like we do with TSM. Whenever and wherever you work with people, kids or adults, you need to build an relationship. Only then you will be able to help them to develop, you will create trust and loyalty. I everything I do, I strongly believe in this.


People might describe me as a perfectionist, and I guess they are right. In everything I do, I want to make sure things are well organized and prepared. To me, this is a standard of quality I want to deliver. Deliver as a person, lecturer, educator, coach or entrepreneur.