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What That Guy in Blue does

Please note that the below mentioned topics are just to give you an impression and I'm always open for a call to discuss possibilities that will support you! 

Whether my audience exists out of parents, teachers, sports coaches, managers, colleagues or a mix, I will always adapt. After all, there are many shades of blue.


 Shut your feedback 

As keynote speaker, I will introduce you to my blue world. I will dive into the everyday challenges of feedback and turn them blue using examples according to the PEC Effect.

It will be interactive, energetic and fun for everyone who's participating. Promised.


The bluenote is benificial, eyeopening and a definite game changer to anyone who gives and/or receives feedback on a regular bases at work, at home or in a sports environment.

So, basically to anyone. 

 Creating the PEC Effect 

During my time coaching and educating in sports I learned that there are three key elements in successful coaching and therefore development and eventually results:



If a coach in sports, a manager in business or a parent at home sticks to a few easy principles, things will turn out to be more positive, efficient and clear on the pitch, in the meeting room or at home. So what to do?

Change your game and focus on feedforward, positive phrasing and simplifying. 

 Life Skills Implementation 

Want to teach your kids more than the usual?

Are you a parent, a teacher or a sports coach and want to change your game to add the next level to your lessons, upbringing or sessions? Implement Life Skills!

Implementation of Life Skills is fun and crucial in the development of our children.

Discipline, Focus, Leadership, Creativity, Decision Making, Perseverance, Collaboration, Stress Resistance, Critical Thinking

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